3, 2, 1 ... JUMP !

Your First Jump

Come and experience the ultimate sensation of your first tandem jump with our team of professional skydivers. Because we know how busy your schedule is during weekdays, we're letting you know that SkydivingCenter is open on weekends and legal holidays. You have no reason not to be jumping!

Become A Skydiver

Skydiving Center offers tandem jumps, accelerated free-fall training (AFF) or automated deployment jump training (Static Line). Our training methods as well as the equipment used are inline with the latest trends in safety and effectiveness while all of our instructors hold both international...

Fun Jumps

Whether you are a rookie and want to gather as much experience as possible under your belt or a skydiver with thousands of jumps, at Skydiving Center you will find helpful instructors willing to offer their advice but also fellow jumpers with whom you will be able to do formation skydiving, wingsuit...

Latest News

Dealer Vigil

Dealer Vigil

Skydiving Classes Are Starting !

Skydiving Classes Are Starting !

Starting this spring in 2018 we're getting ready to start a new skydiver training program.

Another Season Comes to an End

Another Season Comes to an End

Today, October the 10th, the 2017 skydiving season has ended. We would like to thank the...

Where We Are

At just 17 km away from Bucharest, on Bucuresti – Alexandria Street, DN 6/E 70, just at the entrace of Cornetu village.
10:00 - 18:00

How to contact us

We are available on the phone every day during regular working hours. Give us a call if you want to find us more about us or book a jump.