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Skydiving Center offers tandem jumps, accelerated free-fall training (AFF) or automated deployment jump training (Static Line). Our training methods as well as the equipment used are inline with the latest trends in safety and effectiveness while all of our instructors hold both international and Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority issued licenses.

Static Line

Static Line Training describes a skydive training method where novice parachutists jump from a plane and their parachute is deployed automatically by a "static lline". A static line is a cord attached at one end to the aircraft and at the other end to the top of the jumper's 'D-Bag' (Deployment Bag, into which the canopy is packed). The parachutist's fall from the aircraft causes the static line to become taut, this then pulls the D-Bag out of the container on the jumper's back. The static line and D-Bag stay with the aircraft as the jumper leaves, and is pulled back into the aircraft by the dispatcher. Now free of its D-Bag, the canopy is allowed to inflate as the jumper continues to fall. Effectively, the jumper drags the parachute behind him, causing the upward-rushing wind to force open and inflate the canopy. The canopy should inflate and begin supporting the jumper within 4 seconds. The aim of static line progression is to train students to maintain the correct, stable body position upon exiting the aircraft, and to teach how to deploy the canopy via the pilot chute mechanism.

During the theory classes you will be taught how to correctly leave an aircraft, how to maintain a stable body position and how to safely land your parachute. Physical abilities will be evaluated during the classes and, by the end of the lessons, you will take a written test. Next day you will be invited to make your first jump ! The jump will be from altitude of 1200 meters and your parachute will be deployed automatically by the static line attatched to the aircraft.

Gradually, as your skills increase, the jump altitude will go up until we reach 3000 meters. The minimum number of jumps that you are required to do in order to get your skydiver's license is 25. Your license is your international "passport" that allows you to jump anywhere in the world.

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